The natural beauty of Sumedang

Many have become scenery or natural beauty owned Sumedang district, including:
   Love climbs, which are on campus UNPAD Jatinangor, called the love climbs, because the ramp is similar to a symbol of love.
Then there are the Dutch heritage cave on Mount of kunci Sumedang, this cave became a tourist destination in the district's history Sumedang.
 No more location makes amazed the author, namely the border area between Sumedang Sumedang, where the area is still very virgin and cool and famous for its natural beauty, this area is located in the District of Tanjung Medar area.
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Terebang Gebes

the terebang gebes is Art comes from the terebang gebes Bojongbentang , Tanjungkerta village , subdistrict Pagerageung , Tasikmalaya . Terebang gebes been aged less than 83 years . People who want to play terebang gebes should be able to make terebang gebes own , because nothing is selling . Terebang gebes strong for decades.
Terebang Gebes Art
Materials used to make terebang gebes is a palm tree and goat skin . Size terebang gebes yamg most is 1 m , while the smallest 20 cm . Number terebang gebes there are 11 , ranging from the biggest to the smallest Characteristic of players terebang gebes , always wearing black pants , white koko , black cap , and wears a turban . In addition to holding terebang gebes , players also sing Sholawat . Usually players terebang gebes are parents and have advanced reading Al - Quran . Terebang gebes serves to accompanying sholawatan 
How to play the rhythm of the chant terebang gebes Sholawat . Terebang gebes typically performed at birthday month .
Terebang gebes first - first introduced by people Bojong - span in 1920 . Origin of this art from Istanbul , Turkey . Menuru history , Istanbul traders trade while introducing this art to people who become customers .
First - all of India , and was introduced to the people of Indonesia . Community Bojongbentang familiar with terebang gebes of society Cirebon , who had come to Pagerageung . They are the same as the traders who spread Islam .
Bojongbentang who founded the Society terebang gebes art is Kadir and Kiai Ahyar Nain . Then hereditary until now , this artistry is still maintained .
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NGALAKSA ART in The Village of Rancakalong

Ngalaksa is one of the centers of art tradition in the District Rancakalong implementation and hereditary nature . The word is derived from the Sundanese Ngalaksa , ie laksa which is a type of food . So Ngalaksa can be interpreted as a ritual that makes food from rice flour , mixed with oil , lettuce , and salt . Then mixed and wrapped in leaves congkok . After the water is boiled using combrang leaves . The ceremony where a series of activities from start to finish accompanied by Tarawangsa art .

Ngalaksa previously carried out every three years . Only after the government unveiled Sumedang Ngalaksa event held once in every year . The place held in the tourist center Rancakalong , Rancakalong Village , District Rancakalong . The executor or event organizers alternately rotated every village as the District Rancakalong . In 2012 the executive in panitiai by Cibunar villagers , while in 2013 the executive will be held by the Village Rancakalong , precisely on June 19, 2013 .
History Ngalaksa
It is known that the antiquity in the 1620s , during the reign of Suryadiwangsa in Sumedang , a state in Sumedang is busy . At that time the area under the control Sumedang Mataram kingdom . Feeling insecure , public Sumedang fled to two different places . The government officials went to Dayeuh Sublime , partly namely the Cultural run to Rancakalong .

At that time , the kingdom of Mataram has a plan to attack the VOC to Batavia . Then determined that the center of the Mataram kingdom war supplies in Cirebon was led by Dipati Measure . Foodstuffs , particularly rice in all regions of the Kingdom of Mataram should be sent to Cirebon . So even Sumedang , foodstuffs such as rice , pulses , and so exhausted all given to Cirebon . Of course, at that time in Sumedang experiencing famine or hard food . Seeing the situation , society has sent envoys to initiative Cirebon . There are 13 delegations led by Jatikusumah have a duty to bring the rice seeds from Cirebon to Sumedang . But after 3 years did not produce results . This is due to the tight supervision of guards Cirebon . The messenger was captured, were searched at the time of carrying rice seed . Therefore ask the Government Jatikusumah Sumedang to find Tarawangsa artists . When it is sent directly Sumedang 2 Tarawangsa artists to go to Cirebon . With the ingenuity of their last messenger 2 pretend to be singers , rice seeds can finally get to Sumedang . Since then people Sumedang no longer experiencing famine because the seed is planted result is always good .
After knowing Rancakalong very abundant harvest , it was decided Sumedang must send rice to Cirebon in the form of food that has been cooked . At that time people Rancakalong cultivate rice into a food called laksa , and each harvest must submit to Cirebon for war supplies . Since then , the habit of making laksa was executed after the harvest , as well as send it to Cirebon .
Long -makers laksa died of old age . Finally all died , leaving one child aged 12 years . The child was named Emod . Subsequently appointed by the village residents Rancakalong , until the age of 35 years . From Emod 12 years old to 35 years old , quit the habit of making laksa.

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Art History Rite Farmers Tarawangsa

sculpture of Tarawangsa

Originally Wandering Seeking Seed Rice Brought to Mataram

Tarawangsa Performence
Tarawangsa art that can not be separated from Ngalaksa traditional ceremony is an annual event that is associated with bersawah activities . Ngalaksa and Tarawangsa meant honoring the ancestors who have managed to find and maintain rice seedlings .

On 12 June Disbudparpora West Java provincial government entrusted to perform the classical arts of Sunda origin Rancakalong Tarawangsa in West Java platforms TMII Jakarta . In the event packaging pounding , tramp , Gema Tarawangsa it apart to show the original Tarawangsa performing arts , will also be shown the birth history of the arts through dance drama .

There is also a dance drama that tells the story of the origin of the birth of art Tarawangsa of Rancakalong the rite of art can not be separated from the farmers , " said grandson Sutaryadibrata , Head of Culture Disbudparpora .

Told grandson , Tarawangsa has a fairly long history . He mentioned at the time led by King Suryadiwangsa Sumedang around the 15th century because of a period is short on food , especially rice . " So Syahdan sending the four envoys of King Jatikusumah Rancakalong by rice seedlings which seek to Mataram , " he says .

People Sumedang , grandson said before knowing rice has already been the staple food of cereal grains . 3.5 During the year four people were wandering about looking for rice seedlings to be Tarawangsa bow .

" By the Mataram also distributed rice seeds is prohibited . To outsmart the four messengers managed to bring rice seedlings of Mataram by way Tarawangsa put it in the hole , " said grandson as he explained that the reason the bow instrument that always cover the hole .

" Even now, the players holding Tarawangsa Tarawangsa as covering the hole , yes indeed the former with the aim of covering the seed rice was brought from Mataram , " he explained .

In Rancakalong successfully developed rice . At that time , Mataram became the sole producer of rice in Java . Knowing rice seedlings were successfully taken by Sumedang of Mataram , Mataram asked in return .

" Because finally agreed out of Rancakalong must submit to the Mataram laksa at war with the VOC , " said grandson .

Laksa is the war foods made ​​from rice flour that can make soldiers survived not eat for 3-4 days just by eating laksa . Until the war ended with the VOC , laksa submission to Mataram continued done once every 3.5 years .

" Until now ngalaksa ceremony with Tarawangsa art is still preserved in the midst of society Rancakalong , " closed grandson .

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